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BSP February 28, 2013 General Meeting

Here is the video from our February 28, 2013 General Meeting.

Major SpEd Update
Carolyn Kain, John St. Amand, John Verre
•Harbor School — Middle and High School Leadership Changes
•Henderson School — Pathway to Harbor
•Expand Inclusion Schools — 3 to 5 Year Plan
•EEC and ELC — Policy Change:  Accommodate More Special Needs Children
•Lee Academy/Fifield — Major Change in Model to Create Inclusive Classrooms
•Transition Services — BPS to Move Forward and Create Options for TS
•BPS Special Education Budget for FY2014
•OCESS Improvement Plans for June 2013 Report to School Committee
School Choice
•Overall Update on How Will School Choice Effect Special Education Students?
•Special Education Overlay — Major Improvements for our Kids
Indicator 8 Survey:     DESE surveys select schools in BPS to determine how well each is doing at such things as partnering with parents, helping students to transition from grade to grade or onto adult life, and providing training for families.
The link to the 2013 survey is:


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