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Firm raises $15.4m for autism test – Boston Globe 7/23/2013

SynapDx Corp., a Lexington company that is developing a diagnostic test to detect autism spectrum disorder earlier than tests now currently used, said Monday that it has secured a $15.4 million funding round, led by Google Ventures.

Foundation Medical Partners joined the financing as a new investor, alongside founding investors North Bridge Venture Partners and General Catalyst Partners, SynapDx said in a news release.

According to the release, SynapDx is currently developing a breakthrough blood-based autism spectrum disorder diagnostic test, designed to help clinicians identify children with autism earlier than they do today.

SynapDx added that Google’s Andrew Conrad has been appointed to its board of directors.

In a statement, Conrad said:

“The best diagnostic tests of our era will be developed at the nexus of advanced genomics and cutting edge informatics. SynapDx stands to revolutionize the autism field while building the pediatric genomics company.”

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