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Autism Research Community Advisory Board


The Crehan Lab at Tufts University is seeking volunteers for our autism research Community Advisory Board.  

We are looking to fill the following roles in this board: 

·         Autistic adults (any age) 

·         Autistic teenagers (with parental consent, optional parental participation) 

·         Parents, siblings, or family members of children/adults with ASD 

·         Occupational therapists 

·         Adolescent health educators 

·         Medical doctor (pediatricians, psychiatrists, or general medicine) 


If any of these experiences describe you, please read on! 

 The Crehan Lab primarily focuses on studying social cognition and autism, with studies focusing on sexuality and sexual education as well as theory of mind and perceptual processes. Members of the community advisory board would serve as representatives of their communities to inform the research process. At this event, you would participate in a one-time meeting during which we would discuss the focus, design, and implementation of potential studies.  Requirements of this position would be reviewing some brief research summaries prior to the meeting (about 30 minutes) and then attending the meeting (either in person or via the internet). During this meeting, we would like to hear your input on current proposed studies and ideas for future studies. We believe it is important to have a diverse group of individuals with knowledge of or experience with autism spectrum disorders as well as health, development, and sexuality. We feel as though a representative of your organization would make a great addition to this team.  

 This meeting will occur on Tuesday, November 13th (with an alternate date of Tuesday, November 27th) starting at 6:30 and run until around 8:00 pm. No prior experience with research is required to participate in this event.  The Crehan Lab will provide dinner and childcare. Participants can log in via the internet if unable to attend in person. 

If you are interested in participating, hearing more, or if you have any questions please reach out to: or call Dr. Crehan at (617) 627-3393. Be sure to leave your name and contact information (either email or phone number). 

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