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Supporting Families Day & New Legislator Reception 

Why should you go?

 Yes! I will see you there.

So many families care for their loved ones with disabilities at home and they rely on a variety of support services to do so. That’s why the Arc of Massachusetts is making supporting families and workforce issues (such as recruiting, training, and retaining) its legislative priorities in 2019. Join us at the State House to:

Talk about YOUR family.

What is going well?

Where do you experience gaps?

What is most important for a service provider to know and understand?




Gloria Ricardi Castillo

Director, Family Support Centers

We Are Family, Editor

6 Southside Road

Danvers, Massachusetts 01923


Contact us:

Aymee Lucifora, Program Director

Melissa O’Neill, Senior Program Coordinator 978-624-2380 or

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