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ReGame VR Lab – Child Participants Needed!


The Rehabilitation Games and Virtual Reality (ReGame-VR) lab at Northeastern University is looking for 8-16 year old children with cerebral palsy to take part in a virtual reality study! The study explores how children learn a new balance task in virtual and real life environments. Children come to the lab for two sessions, 1-7 days apart. They practice a balance reaching task in either a virtual environment that is like a video game, a virtual environment that uses a 3D headset, or a physical environment.


We will measure your child’s performance on the task using a force plate. The study will help us to understand how to best use virtual environments for learning in rehabilitation for children with balance difficulties.


Your child will receive a $40 gift card for taking part in the study and your parking or local MBTA travel will be reimbursed.  Please visit, call the ReGame-VR lab at 617-373-6107 or email for more information!

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