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USS Constitution Museum Sensory-Friendly Sundays

Join us on the 2nd Sunday of the month for sensory-friendly mornings at the USS Constitution Museum! Learn about the incredible history of America’s Ship of State in a quieter setting, without loud sounds or flashing lights, and before we open to the public at 10:00 AM. Design a ship, furl a sail, and scrub the decks in our hands-on exhibits that are designed for sailors of all abilities and backgrounds.

This offering is open to visitors of all ages, as well as their friends, families, and caregivers. Registration is required and limited to 35 people. Admission by donation.

Sensory Friendly Changes
The USS Constitution Museum will make the following changes to our exhibits during the Sensory-Friendly Sundays program:

  • The Museum will limit each month’s event to 35 people to reduce crowding.
  • Social Narrative and Communication Book are available online and at our Admission Desk to help visitors prepare for their trip to the Museum.
  • Paper towels will be available in all bathrooms. Hand dryers will be blocked with tape.
  • The Nation’s Ship and Battle Theater movies will have lower sound and slightly increased lighting. There will also be no flashing lights in the Battle Theater movie.
  • The Today’s Crew exhibit will be designated as a quiet room. The videos and rotating images will be shut off and the lights will be turned down. In the room will be noise-reducing headphones, a weighted shoulder wrap, and other sensory calming items.
  • The two cannons in the “Old Ironsides” 1812 Discovery Center will have their sound turned off.
  • The large ship model in the Forest to Frigate exhibit will have a special touch table with rope and sail cloth to explore.
  • The Museum’s pretend goat, Ship’s bell, and ambient sounds in our All Hands on Deck exhibit will be turned off.
  • Fidgets, noise-reducing headphones, weighted shoulder wraps, sunglasses, and other sensory resources will be available to borrow at the admission desk. These sensory items are available every day at the USS Constitution Museum.

Staff understand that everyone experiences the Museum’s environment differently.  Our primary goal in making these changes is to allow families and friends who may typically avoid crowded or stimulating environments to explore history together. We welcome and appreciate any feedback that can help us create an environment that is accessible to everyone.

Access to USS Constitution: USS Constitution (the Ship) is operated separately by the United States Navy. They will be open starting at 10:00 AM and are free to visit on a first come, first serve basis. All visitors to USS Constitution are required to pass through a security screening and visitors over the age of 18 need to show a federal or state photo identification. Please note that the Navy will not be making any specific sensory or physical modifications to their guided tours of USS Constitution.

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  1. I have a nine year old son that is on the Autism spectrum disorder and is also nonverbal at this time. I will like to attend one of the early session of available.

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