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MatchUS Seeking Families to match with Educators

Dear Families & Educators/Related Service Providers,

We have made over 100 matches this week! We are continuing to receive requests from families in need, and educators/related service providers eager to support. We hope to have you matched within the next few days. We appreciate your patience.

Right now, we have many educators/related service providers eager to help and we NEED more FAMILIES to match with the number of educators we have.

Please continue to share the links below with your family and education networks

Thank you for your support.

In gratitude,
The MatchUS Team

MatchUS is an community-driven educator/related service provider and family response to support our students (and their families!) with disabilities/IEPs/support needs during this time of social distancing. MatchUS, an effort supported by Massachusetts Families Organizing for Change, is working with families and educators ANYWHERE (not just MA) to support 1:1 conversations about how best to support our students at home.

O. Sophia Johansson
Northeast Regional Coordinator
Co-Chair, Board of Directors
Mass Families Organizing for Change
m: 617.935.2264

A statewide, grassroots coalition in
support of individuals with disabilities
and/or chronic illnesses and their families.

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