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BPS’ Summary of Reopening Listening Sessions & Timeline

  • Promote Equity
  • Protect Public Health
  • Build Community
  • Increase the Quality of Student Learning
  • Support Parents/Guardians as Workers
  • Align with Staff Experience and Abilities
    • Remain flexible: we are in a pandemic and the future is unpredictable. We will plan for the future but remain flexible to keep our community safe and healthy.
    • Monitor emerging scientific recommendations: we are guided by data and science and will review all updates
    • Adhere to the recommendations of Health Officials: we continuously receive recommendations from the Boston Public Health Commission, State officials, and the City of Boston on how to keep our students, staff, and families as healthy as possible. We will use these recommendations as guardrails for our planning.
    • Recognize that things will change: while we can plan for the future, emerging science, our local COVID-19 numbers, and changing recommendations from health officials will mean that we will need to make changes as we go.


    Equity is a central focus of all BPS planning and work. We seek to clearly understand how decisions impact students and families and to make choices that do not marginalize our most-marginalized students.
    The process we follow for bringing equity into every decision includes:

    1. Identify desired results and outcomes
    2. Gather the data
    3. Engage all stakeholders
    4. Review strategies for racial equity
    5. Develop an implementation plan guided by data and engagement
    6. Share measures of accountability and communicate to stakeholders


    • Massachusetts is not seeing rising cases like many other states
    • The Boston Public Health Commission is closely monitoring:
      • The number of new cases
      • Availability of testing
      • Systems’ capacity to safely care for the public
    • BPS will pivot based on science and public health guidance
The Boston Public Health Commission Recommends:


    • All students are 6 feet apart and wear masks
    • All teachers & staff are 6 feet apart from students and wear masks
    • Increased sanitation protocols compliant with public health guidelines (disinfecting “foggers”; constant cleaning of high touch areas)
    • 10 -12 people in the classroom depending on the size of the room
    • Breakfast/lunch served in classrooms

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