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English Learner Student with Disability (ELSWD) Parent Wanted to help Improve Services for Students

The English Language Learners Task Force of the Boston School Committee has a subcommittee devoted to English Learners who also have disabilities.  They are anxious to have a SpedPAC parent of an ELSWD student to work with them on the subcommittee.  If anyone is interested they can contact the subcommittee through Roxi Harvey, or directly by emailing John Mudd (formerly at Mass Advocates for Children, or Maria Serpa (Lesley University, )  With Covid-19, the subcommittee meets through Zoom or telephone about once per month.

There are 4,000 English Learners with disabilities in BPS.  They have been one of the most marginalized, neglected groups of students in the district.  They need our attention, support, and advocacy.  Please help.

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