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SafetyNet Tracking Services Grant

The Boston Police Department Announces Partnership with SafetyNet Tracking Systems to Assist Vulnerable Citizens

March 05, 2021

The Boston Police Department is partnering with SafetyNet Tracking Systems, Inc., to utilize federal funds through the FY20 Bureau of Justice Assistance Reducing Injury and Death of Missing Individuals Grant to assist individuals who have a tendency to wander as a result of dementia or developmental disabilities. Wandering can be dangerous for the individuals involved and extremely stressful for their families.

SafetyNet, a local Boston-based company, utilizes Radio Frequency Technology to quickly locate individuals and return them to their loved ones at home. SafetyNet also operates an Emergency ID Bracelet Program where the person wears an individually numbered bracelet that is searchable in a database that allows for rapid identification, important medical information, caregiver contact information and a photo of the wearer.

Thanks to this grant award, the Boston Police Department can provide lifetime SafetyNet tracking services to 215 families of individuals who have a tendency to wander due to dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or developmental disabilities such as autism. The BPD can also provide Emergency ID Bracelets for an additional 40 people who may wander but not rise to the level of needing electronic tracking.

If you have a loved one who resides in the City of Boston and meets this criteria, please contact SafetyNet directly at (877) 434-6384 and reference the Boston Police Program in order to inquire about the availability of these services, which will be given out on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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