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SPaN Systemic Advocacy

SPaN’s Systemic Advocacy Effort
“Getting the Right IDEA in Special Education: Striving for Educational Justice in Massachusetts”
Last Summer, SPaN submitted an educational justice project proposal to Northeastern University School of Law’s Legal Skills in Social Context program. The project, “Getting the Right IDEA in Special Education: Striving for Educational Justice in Massachusetts”, sought to identify and propose remedies to address the barriers which impede access to educational justice in Massachusetts, including examining the state complaint system, the tiered monitoring system, the status of the state’s compliance with the IDEA, and an examination of how other states organize or operate in ways which improve or interfere with enabling educational justice.
The findings and recommendations for action from this project were presented to the SPaN board, project stakeholders, MA DESE, and community leaders at a forum on April 2, 2021. Click here to view the presentation.
The next step in this project is to finalize the white paper which will be presented to the Board of Directors who will review the findings and discuss options for organizing to engage in, and/or empower, systemic advocacy. SPaN’s plan of action, including partner engagement, along with the white paper will be thereafter communicated to the membership.
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