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City Council Education Budget Hearings on Closing Achievement & Opportunity Gap

All the Council hearings and working sessions will be conducted virtually via Zoom, and will be livestreamed online. The public is encouraged to watch all the hearings and working sessions via the livestream or broadcast on Xfinity Channel 8, RCN Channel 82, and Fios Channel 964. Additional information here.

One of a series of hearings to review the FY22 Budget. The focus of this hearing is the FY22 budget for the Boston Public Schools Department. This hearing will cover topics including OAG policy alignment and implementation, workforce diversity, curriculum bias review, code of conduct implementation and disproportionality, social/emotional learning and wellness, family liaisons, social workers, school psychologists, and nurses, trauma/crisis response, behavioral and mental health supports, and HERN, as well as use of federal funds for BPS’s Return and Recovery plans.

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