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Vision Studies Masters Program

UMass Boston Vision Studies MEd
Visually impaired man walks with a woman guiding him

Master skills for teaching individuals with visual impairments.

UMass Boston’s Vision Studies MEd program prepares you for a career teaching and assisting individuals with visual impairments — in schools, state and federal agencies, rehabilitation programs, and nonprofits. Only with UMass Boston can you:

  • Be part of New England’s only vision studies program and one of the largest vision studies programs in North America.
  • Choose from four specializations: teacher of students with visual impairments (TVI), orientation and mobility (O&M), vision rehabilitation therapy (VRT), and assistive technology (AT).
  • Take the majority of courses online* and benefit from one of the lowest tuition rates in the field.

Start Your Application

The TVI and O&M tracks start in the summer with applications due March 1. The VRT and AT tracks start in the fall with applications due June 1. We invite you to continue exploring the Vision Studies MEd program.


Sheila Fesko, PhD
Director, School for Global Inclusion and Social Development
*The O&M track has one in-person course. The TVI, VRT, and AT tracks are online. Remote learning that mimics the classroom experience will be provided as long as the COVID-19 situation lasts.

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