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General Meetings 2019-20


Meetings are generally held the 4th Thursday of the month during the school year from 7 P.M. – 8:30 P.M.
(Unless Otherwise Noted)  2019-20 General Meeting Dates Flyer


The Richard J. Murphy School 2nd floor in the school library
1 Worrell St.  Dorchester, MA  02122

The Richard Murphy School is accessible by public transportation:
Fields Corner Station – Red Line and the 210 Bus
MBTA Trip Planner

Meeting Topics:

September 26 –  Specific Learning Disabilities & Specialized Programs
(Dyslexia, ADHD & Executive Function)

Presentations and Related Links:

YouTube Video
September 2019 SLD & ADHD Meeting Flyer
Meeting Agenda

How Parents/Guardians Can Gain Understanding & Build Their Child’s Executive Functioning Skills – Debra Gately & Christine Panarese, BPS Assistant Director(s) for Special Education K-8
Enhancing and Practicing Executive Function Skills with Children From Infancy to Adolescence _Center for Developing Child_Harvard University
Executive Function 101 Prepared by the National Center for Learning Disabilities
Resource List for Executive Functioning _ SSD Family & Community Resource Center
Strengthening Executive Function in Children _ Tips for Parents and Practitioners _ Parent Further

Relevant Laws in Education for Reading and Dyslexia
Decoding Dyslexia Book List_ Nancy Duggan
Perkins Library Application for Free Library Service_Individual
Free BookShare Account
Learning Ally

*Nancy Duggan’s, Executive Director of Decoding Dyslexia MA, presentation can be seen on our YouTube Channel. Slides are not authorized for posting.


October 24 – Basic Rights and Developing an IEP & 504 Plan
Presentations and Related Links:

YouTube Video
Oct 2019 Basic Rights Meeting Flyer

Basic Rights of Special Education – Attorney Pamela Coveney_ Disability Law Center
A. Letter to Request An Evaluation for Special Education Services
B. Evaluation Consent Form
C. School District Refusal to Act
D. Letter to Request An Independent Evaluation
E. IEP Service Grid
F. Placement Consent Form
G. IEP Signature Page
H. Sample Letter When School Does Not Deliver IEP Services
I. Transition Planning Form
J. Know Your Rights Suspensions & Expulsions
K. Delegation of Decision Making Authority
Adolescent Autonomy Checklist

BTU_ Inclusion Done Right – Ilene Carver

November 21 – Resource Fair 
Presentations and Related Links:
November 21st Special Needs Resource Fair Flyer

2019 Resource Fair Vendor List and Table Directory
A Sample of Handouts Available at the Resource Fair:
Special Education Alphabet Soup _ Popular Acronyms
Mayor’s Commission For Persons With Disabilities – City of Boston
WAV Taxi Cabs (Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles) – City of Boston

Community Support & Care Coordination Programs For Children with Special Health Care Needs – DPH
Children and Youth With Special Health Needs Program -DPH

BPS Assistive Technology Terminology_ Consultation and Evaluative Information

Kennedy Day School at Franciscan Children’s _So Every Kid Can

Boston Children’s Hospital Autism Spectrum Center
The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center
The Autism Program at BMC Teens Engaged As Mentors (TEAM)
Autism Support Insurance Centers

Stipends And Support for Caregivers – Caregiver Homes

The Will To Work Program – Goodwill
The Transition To Work Program – Goodwill
The Employment Supports Program – Goodwill
Strive Program – BPS Office of Special Education

Important Transition Turning 22 Information Every Family Should Know_DDS
DDS Greater Boston Area Office Contact Information and General Information
DDS Greater Boston Area Office Children’s Services and Family Support Services
DDS Children’s Services Coordination
DDS Metro Boston Family Support Centers and Autism Support Centers
Welcome to DDS Supports You Can Access Now


December 14 (Saturday, 3:00 P.M. – 6:00 PM) Parent Social Event 
 Presentations and Related Links: 
Boston SpEd PAC Family Social Flyer


January 23 – Assistive Technology Workshop (AAC, Ipads etc…)
Presentations and Related Links:

YouTube Video
January 2020 Assistive Technology General Meeting

Technology As a Social Tool – Elise Wulff, MGH ASPIRE
Microsoft Learning Tools- Tisha Nguyen & Tanairi Sorrentini, Microsoft
Microsoft 365: Education: Learning Tools
Assistive Technology & Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices – Aubrey Rubin, BPS


February 27 – Advocacy, Bully Prevention & Open Discussion 
Presentations and Related Links:

YouTube Video

February 2020 General Meeting Flyer_ Advocacy Bull Prevention & Open Discussion

Helping Parents Deal with Bullying in Children’s Lives – Boston VS Bullies
Bully Prevention & Intervention For Students With Disabilities _ Jodie Elgee _ Succeed Boston at the CIC
MASS Advocates Standing Strong
Self Advocate Transition Tips for Parents


(Cancelled) March 26 – ABA Services, Strategies & Techniques for dealing with Behavioral Challenges  
Presentations and Related Links:
As a precautionary step to help avoid the spread of COVID-19, the meeting is cancelled. 

March 26 General Meeting Flyer_ ABA Services & Managing Challenging Behaviors
The Autism Program at Boston Medical Center
Parent Leadership in Autism Network (PLAN) at BMC


April 30 – Transition Services  & Special Needs Trusts
Presentations and Related Links:

YouTube Video

April 30 Zoom General Meeting Flyer_Transition Services & Special Education Services During COVID-19 Q & A

Transition Planning Attorneys Melanie Jarboe & Alicia Warren _Kotin, Crabtree & Strong, LLP

Transition Services in the Boston Public SchoolsBPS_ Marcia Fitzpatrick_ Assistant Director of Transition Services

A Family Guide to Transition Services in Massachusetts_MA Rehabilitation Commission & Federation for Children with Special Needs


The Link Center Transition Brochure_Federation for Children with Special Needs


May 28 – Extended School Year (ESY) & Board Elections 
Presentations and Related Links:

ESY & Board Elections May General Meeting Flyer

Extended School Year (ESY) 2020 _ Cindie Neilson_BPS Assistant Superintendent of Special Education

Boston Special Education Parent Advisory Board (SpEd PAC) Board Positions



Childcare is available upon request.  Please reserve at least 3 days prior to each meeting by contacting BPS Outreach at (617) 635-1384

A Spanish Interpreter will be available for translation at each meeting.
Translation into other languages is available upon request, please reserve at least 3 days prior to each meeting by contacting BPS Outreach at (617) 635-1384

Light refreshments will be served.