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ADVOCATE – Written by Carolyn Kain 10-24-13

Preparing for your Child’s IEP – Written by Carolyn Kain
IEP Basics – Written by Carolyn Kain
Introduction to Transition Services – Written by Carolyn Kain
Navigating BPS from Ages 3 to 22 – Written by Carolyn Kain
BPS Turning Three – Written by Carolyn Kain
Starting the Year Off Right – Written by Carolyn Kain
Starting your year off right English & Spanish – 2014 version – Written by Carolyn Kain

New Documents – 2018

College for Students with Disabilities: A Guide for Students, Families, and Educators – PDF –
Maryville University


Basic Rights 2015

Transition Services – On it’s own page with video

Sample Accommodations – Compiled by CK and Boston SpedPac 10-23-14
Guardianship-Basic Training – 2014
Executive Function-NESCA – 2014
IDEA and Discipline of SwD – Jennifer Honig – Nov.  2014

BPS Documents

Boston  Blank IEP – Boston Public Schools
Boston 504 Documentation – Boston Public Schools

Basic RightsHas its own page with video


2015 Basic Rights – By Carolyn Kain – 10-29-2015
Basic Rights Presentation
– 2014 from Pamela Coveney and  Hillary Dunn,  Attorneys – Disability Law Center
Basic Rights Handouts – 2014 from Pamela Coveney and  Hillary Dunn,  Attorneys – Disability Law Center
Sample Accommodations – Compiled by Carolyn Kain and Boston SpedPac 10-23-14


Basic Rights Pamela Coveney, Attorney
Disability Law Center
Basic Rights Presentation-DLC
Basic Right Appendix – DLC


Basic Rights Presentation – 2009 from Federation for Children with Special Needs

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Documents and Files

Boston Public Schools Sped Info
       John Verre Special Education School Choice Presentaion – 10-14-2012
Office of SPED and Student Services (OSESS) Contact List 12-6-11
BPS School Organization 2011-2012 and Schools by Grade Span
Inclusion Schools FY2011 – 2012

MA Department of Education
MA In State Sped Prices 2012 (Out Of District)
MA Education Laws and Regs.
MA Department of Education
MA Bullying Prevention
MA Transition Planning to Begin at 14

MA DOE Advisories
TAD Sped 09-2: Observation of Ed. Programs by Parents for Evaluation
TAD Sped 13-1:  IEP Goals in the Transition Planning
TAD Sped 09-1: Transition Planning to Begin at Age 14
TAD Sped 07-1: Autism Spectrum Disorder
AA Sped 12-1: The Autism Insurance Law

BPS Abuse incident from 12/12/2011
Boston SedPac Letter to Dr. Johnson 12-19-2011
Teacher’s aide accused in 2d abuse at Dorchester school
Principal suspended for not reporting sexual abuse
Sex-abuse case in Boston school exposes a lack of vigilance – Editorial

BPS Policy:
SSS-17 Child Abuse and Neglect and LGL-13 sexual Assault Policy

Useful Links

Autism Webpages
Running to be Still -Blog
TILL – Toward Independent Living and Learning
Project B.I.N.D. (Boston Inclusion Network for Disabilities)
   Boys and Girls Club of Dorchester
Contact: Madeleine ButlerInclusion Coordinator
Email Address:
Phone: (617) 288-7120

Concord Spedpac Pages
Disability Links
Sped Parent Basic Toolkit
Parent Training/Workshops
Recommended Articles
Bullying Info
Evaluation-Signs of Trouble
Types of Evaluation
IEP -What is an IEP
IEP – Get Ready for your IEP Meeting
IEP Vision Statement Examples
IEP – Accommodations
IEP – Assistive Technology
IEP – Measurable Goals
IEP- Curriculum Frameworks
ESY – Extended School Year
IEP – Reviewing the IEP
What is a 504?
Colleges for LD Students

MA SpedPacs

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