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SY 2020-2021 Boston SpEd PAC Executive Board


Chair –            Roxann Harvey
Vice Chair –    Sandy Lebon
Secretary –     Katrina (Petra) Norman
Treasurer –     Charlie Kim

Board Members-at-large

Nalida Besson 
Kelsey Brendel
Fabienne Eliacin
Kim Lynsky 
Bethany Moffi 
Sheena Pennie
Jack Sinnott
Danielle Tiernay


Nichole Barros
Linda Freeman
Stacy Hamiliton
Carla Kim



Please join us at our General Meetings.   Bring a friend and spread the word.   If you cannot attend the meetings but have questions, suggestions or concerns, please connect with us so we can assist!

The more voices we have, the more we can accomplish.  We need your help!





Boston SpedPac By-Laws

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